About me

I am a clinical-academic trainee currently undertaking a DPhil focusing on the application of engineering techniques to the management of nervous system pathology.

I completed degrees in medicine and neural engineering in Trinity College Dublin, during which I focused primarily on neurostimulation techniques and on the development of statistical signal processing methods for neural signals, in addition to a period as a visiting student in ETH Zurich, where I worked on fabrication of novel electrode arrays using stretchable electronics for spinal cord injury repair.

I then worked in a joint academic-clinical post in Ireland, during which my research focused on developing methods for multi-material 3D printing with conductive materials in order to produce patient-specific electrode arrays for bioelectronic interfacing.

I am now working towards a DPhil with the Oxford Neural Interfacing group, focusing on the use of computational modelling techniques to develop patient-specific targeted stimulation protocols using non-invasive electric fields. This work is supported by scholarships from the Clarendon Fund, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research and Trinity College, Oxford.